Costa Rica Condos/Apartments For Sale

USD $165,000 Escazú, Escazu, SJ, CRI - 1place № 20761

condo/apartment  136 sqm, 2 bed -  2 bath

Quick Info Condominio de Lujo.

USD $239,000 n/a, Playa Hermosa, G, CRI - 1place № 20590

condo/apartment  100 sqm, 2 bed -  2 bath

Quick Info Playa Hemosa is located 10 minutes from Playas del Coco, 30 minutes to the International Airport Daniel Oduber and the Capital Liberia. Next fine beaches are Playa Panama, Playas del Coco and Playa Ocotal.

USD $45,000 Playas del Coco, Playas del Coco, G, CRI - 1place № 20589

condo/apartment  30 sqm, 1 bed -  1 bath

Quick Info Playas de Coco is located 20 minutes from the International Airport Daniel Oduber and 30 minutes to the Capital Liberia. Next beaches are Playa Ocotal, Playa Hermosa y Playa Panama.

USD $275,000 n/a, San Antonio, H, CRI - 1place № 20557

condo/apartment  0 sqm, 2 bed -  1 bath

Quick Info Hermoso condominio

USD $195,000 Belén, Belen, H, CRI - 1place № 20538

condo/apartment  193 sqm, 3 bed -  3 bath

Quick Info Con hermosos acabados.

Living in Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica

In recent years Costa Rica has become a destination for expat retirees.  The country some great areas to live with everything from sandy beaches and hot weather to dense jungle and temperate mountain communities.  The locals, known as Ticos and Ticas are very relaxed and friendly giving Costa Rica it’s reputation for having a laid back lifestyle.  Considered safer than most other countries in Latin America it has become a large haven for expatriates, only second to Mexico.  Benefits of living in Costa Rica include excellent weather, excellent medical care, lower cost of living and many natural area to explore.  The country is politically stable and has no army.  As the locals put it, it’s “pura vida” or “pure life”.

Costa Rica Real Estate

Foreigners are treated equally to locals when purchasing property in Costa Rica and can do so with a tourist visa.  The only restriction is properties within the Maritime zone which you must be a Costa Rican or a permanent resident to own.  The maritime zone is the beachfront land 50 to 200 meters from the high tide mark.

Real Estate agents in Costa Rica do not require a license and are not overseen by anybody.  It is a great idea to get a recommendation from others who have had positive experiences with their purchases.

Most property purchases by foreigners are cash purchases as Costa Rican banks rarely lend to non nationals.

Property taxes in Costa Rica are very low and are collected by the local municipal government.

Real Estate prices in Costa Rica rose steadily from 2000-2008.  They have pulled back some since 2008.

Costa Rica Residency

Of course you will need a passport to enter Costa Rica.  If you plan on staying more than 3 months you will have to leave the country for 72 hours.  Many expats go to Panama or Nicaragua for a 3 days every three months and then they can stay for another 3 months in Costa Rica.  Other options for residency are below.

There are four types of residency:

Retiree: Proof of at least $1000 per month pension or retirement fund income.  Funds must be changed into Costa Rican Colons every month.  Married couples only need to prove the $1000 per month for one.You must stay in the country for at least four months per year that do not have to be consecutive.  You can apply for permanent residency after 3 years of being a temporary resident.

Legal Resident:  Not retired but do not need to work in Costa Rica.  You need to prove unearned income from investments or other sources that is guaranteed for 60 months/5 years.  The applicant must show $2500 per month from unearned income.

Business Investor: Make an investment of at least $200,000.  This can be an investment in a business or in real estate.  You must live in the country for 6 months non consecutive and can apply for permanent residency after three years.

Marriage: If you marry a Costa Rican citizen you will have temporary residency.  After 3 years you can apply for permanent residency.  A work permit may be issued after 2 years.

Relationship: Be related to a Costa Rican such as a spouse, son, daughter, mother, father or siblings.  If you have a child in Costa Rica they become a citizen and then the mother, father and siblings can also become residents with work permits.

You can start a business in Costa Rica with temporary residency but you can not take a salary from the company or any other without a work permit or permanent residency.

Take a look at many properties available for sale in Costa Rica!

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