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Welcome to 1place for Real Estate

What is 1place for Real Estate?

Free global real estate classifieds for residential, commercial, rental properties, property trades and businesses.

Why should I use it?

1place gives you a simple free tool to showcase your listings to local and international buyers. Designed for performance, 1place won’t slow you down – list as many properties as you like with total self-management.

I don’t have a website – can I use 1place?

Yes. The only requirement to using 1place is an email address to receive emails from site visitors who are interested in your listings.

I already have my own website – why should I list on 1place?

In today’s marketplace you need as much exposure as possible. 1place expands your reach by giving you more links in the major search engines. It’s similar to craigslist, only super-charged for real estate.

20 Reasons to List with 1place for Real Estate

  • Free for You and Your Potential Buyers

    Your account is 100% free to register and will always remain 100% free for all but a few premium site features.

  • Unlimited Listings

    You can publish as many listings as you like and manage them from a single location. The power to easily create and update your website and pictures at any time.

  • 60 Seconds to Create a Listing

    You can create a listing quickly by entering only the listing’s required fields. We’ve designed the posting process to be intuitive and respectful of your valuable time.

  • Exceedingly Simple Listings Management

    Your account dashboard contains a tab-interface that categorizes your listings by status. Sort, filter, and search your listings – and make updates any time.

  • Extended Listings Fields

    Add additional information to your listings with these optional fields: amenities, site influences, utilities, nearby schools, parking info, basement development and more.

  • Your Own Website

    A branded website of your property listings with a unique URL that you can easily share with others, using your account’s website sharing tool.

  • Residential - Commercial - Trades

    You can list any type of real estate – 1place includes virtual categories for waterfront, luxury, foreclosures, trades, and vendor financing.

  • Fast Pages

    1place was designed with performance as a top requirement. No one wants to wait for slow web pages to load; with 1place you and your prospects won’t have to.

  • Up to 28 Photos Per Listing

    Post up to 28 large pictures (max. 10 MB per photo) for each of your property listings. Optionally, add a full caption for each photo.

  • Google Mapping

    Pinpoint your listing’s location using the drag & drop Google maps tool. The Google maps drag & drop tool makes it easy to show your prospects exactly where your listing is.

  • Google Street View

    Point Google Street View directly at your listing. Full support for 360° rotation, pan, and tilt using your mouse. Give your prospects a virtual view of your listings.

  • Upload Your Listings’ YouTube™ Videos

    Add a YouTube™ video to your listing. The YouTube™ video is presented adjacent to your listing’s photos for easy viewing by your prospects.

  • Zero SPAM Tolerance

    1place does not tolerate SPAM in any form. To ensure the highest visitor satisfaction, only real estate listings with clean language and actual real estate photos are accepted.

  • Featured Agent Profile on Home Page

    Become the Featured Agent for your area. The 1place home page highlights an agent each week in each of the more than 100,000 indexed place-names.

  • Top Agents List on Home Page

    Your are automatically added to the Top Agents list on the 1place home page (our most frequented page) when you post your first listing.

  • Premium Exposure for Your Listings

    Your new listings automatically appear at the front of the 1place Featured Global Real Estate Listings scroller on the home page.

  • Analytics

    Your account listings manager includes a column that shows you how many times each of your listings has been viewed. More analytics features are in the works.

  • Real Estate Trades Welcome

    Highlight your real estate trade deals to an international audience.

  • Canadian Owned and Operated

    You can trust 1place with your listings data and your privacy.

  • Toll-free Support

    Get help when you need it. A FAQ, online support desk, and toll-free support at 1-800-507-9886.

Free account sign-up for real estate professionals: no credit cards, no catches, no hassles.

Get started with 1place for Real Estate
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How Does 1place Work?

  • Sign-up Now

    Register for free account.

    Sign-up is fast – usually 60 seconds or less! We’ve designed our sign-up process to respect your valuable time.

  • Activate

    Activate account.

    After you submit your sign-up form, you’ll receive an email message containing a link to activate your new account.

  • Post Listings

    Post real estate listings to

    Post your listings using a basic listing form, or you can choose the more advanced form to further enhance your listings.

  • Manage

    Manage real estate listings.

    Update any fields of your listings at any time: add/remove photos & videos, and set the status of each of your listings: active, sold, inactive, or expired.

  • Respond

    Sell real estate to responding prospects.

    When a prospect emails you about one of your listings, you will have their email address and can begin your sales process!

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Need More Information?

We’re here to help – call us toll-free at 1-800-507-9886. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about 1place for Real Estate.